They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse……

I am now the Marketing and Communications’ Manager at Omniplex, Ireland’s largest cinema company. They were my biggest client and asked me to work for them full-time in-house.

Omniplex Logo

For all media inquiries relating to Omniplex, or the Anderson family, please email Simon Palmer on or call +353(0)851341761.

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Top 10 News Websites in Ireland


A list of the top 10 most visited news websites in Ireland. The figures in brackets are their overall ranking out of all Irish websites.

1. The Irish Independent – (14)
2. RTE – (16)
3. The Irish Times – (17)
4. The Daily Mail UK – (23)
5. The Sunday World – (35)
6. The Guardian – (43)
7. – (46)
8. BBC – (48)
9. The Daily Mirror – (UK) (53)
10. The Irish Examiner – (81)

And what of the website for The Sunday Business Post, well it looks like tucking all that business news away behind a paywall has had a devasting effect on traffic to the website, which is now ranked 4,106th site in the country. With online ad revenues and digital spending increasing rapidly it would be interesting to see whether the uptake in subscriptions has been sufficient to make up for the loss of advertising revenue on the site.

A lot has been talked about how the uses clickbait techniques to boost web traffic, but with the site being ranked 14th in the country the numbers of users are crucial in attracting advertisers, so it is hard to fault their strategy. I tend to view the site directly for news and when I’ve been caught by their clickbait techniques it has tended to be when I’ve searched for something that I’ve seen that has jumped to Twitter from Reddit or 4chan, that emerged that day. Most of the time the insight that it has provided has been helpful and certainly quicker than trawling though comments on Reddit. That’s why has a digital team monitoring trends in order to upload copy quickly to catch people looking searching for these trends.

The list above comes from the Alexa database. Whilst this database does have issues in terms of the way it is compiled, I do believe it gives an accurate enough indication for this list. However, for more detailed research I’d recommend HitWise, which is a paid service.

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Bill Cosby on the record


A meme shared on Twitter that was created on Cosby’s own website, which has now been taken down (note: there has not been 14 allegations of rape made against Cosby).

Allegations of sexual assault have dogged Bill Cosby over recent years and keep emerging like Junior Barnes’ snowball from the freezer, and it is Cosby that is getting hit on the head again.

The latest salvo is a video that emerged yesterday from the Associated Press (AP), which featured their interview with Bill Cosby and his wife Camille, to whom he has been married for fifty years. The subject of the interview was the Cosby’s loaning their considerably collection of African art to The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art, for an exhibition that started this month.  The reason it emerged yesterday was the response made by Bill Cosby, during this interview, in relation to questions on sexual assault allegations that were put to him. The interview seemed to be hijacking of the Cosby’s supposed interview on the art exhibition, albeit a legitimately, where the AP were able to get Bill Cosby on camera and on the record in relation the unrelated matter of the sexual assault allegations. The full details can be found on

You would expect Cosby to be a seasoned pro with the media, however, he made three fundamental errors, which I’d like to examine here.

1. The first is that it does not matter what the subject matter of the interview is, the journalist has the right to ask you any question. So you need to be prepared. Cosby has been dogged by sexual assault allegations over the years, which resurfaced earlier this year, but he wasn’t prepared.

The golden rule here is if you have something you don’t want to talk about, or simply have not prepared a response for, then DO NOT do an interview with the media. And certainly do not do one that is being recorded on camera for TV.

Bill has been fighting off these allegations for a few years and maybe he thinks he is bullet proof or could handle it. But we are living in a new era where fame and money will  not protect you and people will not be bullied.

This was his first mistake. He made more.

2. Secondly, assume all interviews are ‘on the record’ for their entirety. That is for the entire time you are with the journalists and their team. One of the oldest tricks in the book that journalists employ, is making it seem to the person being interviewed that the interview is finished, when actually the most important part of the interview is often about to begin.

By making it seem like it is finished the person being interviewed often relaxes and lets their guard down. This is when they think they’re going to engage in small talk or chit chat to end on, but this is often when the serious and most damaging questions can come, because the cameras are still rolling and microphones are still on. Often the entire point an interview has been organised to get to this point.

With the Cosby interview below, Bill initially responded on the record, that he had no comment to make. But when he thought the interview was finished and he was ‘off-the-record’, he started to elaborate on his reasons for not commenting on the sexual assault allegations and showed to the world how uncomfortable he is with them.

The second golden rule here is always to assume the camera and  microphones are on and still recording. Always assume you are being  recorded from the moment you step into a room and see a camera or a microphone. Then always assume you are still on the record until you have taken the microphone off and you are away from the cameras and the person interviewing you. Even when this has been done, do not go off the record when speaking to them or something may still be mentioned on air by them relating to comments you made ‘off camera’. There is no pre-interview and no post-interview, the entire time is an THE interview.

I once had a client who was about to talk to me about the subject of the interview as we walked out of the BBC’s Broadcasting House, to which I immediately interrupted and stopped them because one of the researchers from the programme, who was sat in on the interview, was walking next to us and could clearly hear what we were talking about. When I relayed this to the client afterwards, they hadn’t realised. So you have to be careful.

3. Cosby’s third mistake was going on the record and then asking for what he’d just said to be wiped from the record. This is a big ‘no no’. There can often be very good reasons for going off the record, for instance if you want to give helpful background to a journalist or present them with sensitive information, so that they can get a fully rounded picture of the subject matter. But first you must ask if you can go off the record and then get the journalist to agree that you can. If they do agree then ask them to turn off the camera, mics and recording devices, just in case. A journalist will often do this anyway as a matter of course. But once you have commented on the record like Cosby was, then there is no going back. You can’t then expect a request for your comments to be “struck from the record” because it is already on the record and you put it there.

So, good on the Associated Press for publishing the full interview.

It will be interesting to see Cosby’s next move in this comedy of errors – not even Fat Albert can save him now.

Here’s the Cosby car crash…..

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Omniplex official statement

 Omniplex Logo


Omniplex Holdings was disappointed to receive confirmation by An Bord Pleanála of their decision to refuse our plans to develop a 9 screen cinema, at Navan Retail Park, Athboy Road, Navan. Meath County Council saw the benefits of bringing a world class cinema to Navan, and approved the decision which was appealed by third parties, namely two rival cinema operators, and subsequently refused last week by An Bord Pleanála.

Elsewhere in Ireland we will continue to undertake a cinema revolution by introducing OmniplexMAXX event screens in our regional Omniplex cinemas in Waterford, Wexford, Tralee, Derry and Craigavon (It is worth noting that planning permissions for Wexford (2008) and Tralee (2007) were granted under similar circumstances to the planning application in Navan). These improvements are being undertaken at a cost of €10m. Omniplex had a hoped to invest a further €4-5m to provide the people of Navan, and its hinterland, with a world class, state of the art cinema that would have been on a par with the Omniplex standard as seen recently with the opening of Omniplex Rathmines in Dublin.

We are also disappointed not to be able to contribute to the local economy in respect of direct and indirect employment which we estimate to be upwards of 50 local jobs opportunities. Omniplex Navan would have included an OmniplexMAXX giant screen, with Barco Auro 3D sound and our bespoke customised leather rocker chairs. We sincerely apologise to the people of Navan that they will not get to enjoy an OmniplexMAXX event experience on their doorstep.

We are aware of reason for refusal and recommendations by An Bord Pleanála that they prefer other sites. Omniplex did investigate those sites, but unfortunately they were not suitable or viable for our proposals. Unfortunately Omniplex will now have to concentrate on providing a world class cinema experience in our other locations.

Mark Anderson, Director, Omniplex Holdings

 17th November, 2014.

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Genius Clothing and Footwear Dublin on TV3’s Xpose #thisisgenius

I recently did the publicity for first birthday of Genius’s Footwear’s Dublin store, on Exchequer Street in Dublin. To celebrate they had UK band Missing Andy, who are brand ambassadors for Base Footwear, over to Dublin to play a live acoustic gig in the show. A party was held in the evening, the shop was full, drinks were drunk and fun was had.

To support this a media release and photos were sent to press and got significant coverage over the following week. This included both promotional shots, of the band with Jason Kavanagh of Genius, and also diary photos on night, of people are the party.

The event also focused on maximising social media, where I came up with the concept of launching a #thisisgenius hashtag, which is now used in all of Genius’s marketing. It’s reach that week was over 400,000 thousands accounts.

It was backed by a competition from Base Footwear who gave away €1,000 of shoes and boots. The competition was combined with press adverts and social media, with footwear being won in the days running up to the birthday party.

Here is a feature that was done for TV3’s Xpose show, on autumn and winter footwear

Jason Kavanagh Xpose TV3

Click above to watch the Xpose feature

Check out Genius Clothing and Footwear’s stores on Clarendon Road and Exchequer Street or pop across to

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Beard envy #thisisgenius

A little fun we had using Vine, following Genius’s feature on TV3’s Xpose. Beard envy is the worst ;)

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12 month Scottish UK bankruptcy

UK bankruptcy

Three years ago the phenomenon of Irish people moving to the UK was virtually unknown.  ‘Bankruptcy tourism’ as it became called, gained profile once I started working with English bankruptcy solicitor Steve Thatcher. In helping him launch Irish bankruptcy UK we raised the profile of a UK bankruptcy as a viable option for inbebted Irish people.

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Omniplex Waterford – Statement by Omniplex on the former Cineplex cinema Waterford.

Omniplex Waterford

Omniplex is pleased to announce that the former Cineplex cinema on Patrick Street, Waterford, will reopen in December 2014. As part of a €2m refurbishment and upgrade, the 5 screen cinema will be rebranded Omniplex Waterford.

Omniplex Waterford will include an OmniplexMAXX giant screen, the seventh on the island of Ireland, following Antrim, Newry, Cork, Limerick, Rathmines and Derry. An Auro 11.1 by Barco sound system will also be included in the OmniplexMAXX.

Each screen will be installed with the latest Barco digital projection technology. All auditoriums will be fitted with Omniplex’s renowned bespoke rocker armchairs.

It has been the intention of Omniplex to reopen the cinema in Waterford for some time. However, the feasibility of a second cinema in Waterford improved recently, following substantial reductions in commercial property rates and improved confidence in the local economy.

Omniplex believe now is the right time to reopen the cinema in Waterford and are looking forward to re-establishing the town centre as Waterford’s premier cinema destination.


1. The Cineplex Waterford closed in September, 2008
2. There will be no structural alterations to the building

About Omniplex

Omniplex Group operates cinemas in 22 locations both in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is the largest cinema company on the island of Ireland and is 100% Irish-owned. Booking of films and events can be undertaken through Omniplex’s main website

About OmniplexMAXX

Omniplex Rathmines will be the fifth complex to host an OmniplexMAXX screen following Antrim, Newry, Cork and most recently Limerick.  Also scheduled for screenings are one-off productions, Opera, Live sporting events, musicals, concerts and the ballet. For more information on OmniplexMAXX go to

About Auro 11.1 by Barco  

OmniplexMAXX Rathmines boast Dublin’s first Auro 11.1 by Barco™ sound system.  Auro 11.1 will truly transform the way you experience a movie in the cinema as it offers the most realistic and natural cinema audio experience; you will feel the action on the big screen like never before and you’ll get fully caught up in the movie adventure

“Auro 11.1 offers the best cinematic experience available to envelop audiences with astonishingly lifelike sound.”

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation

For more information on Auro 11.1 by Barco™ go to

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Kings Hospital



John Rafter appointed Head and Louise Marshall is new Deputy Head

Dublin’s historic boarding and day school, The King’s Hospital, has started the academic year with a new Headmaster and Deputy Head at the helm. John Rafter has been appointed the new Principal, becoming the School’s 25th Headmaster in its 345-year history.

John Rafter

John Rafter, Head The King’s Hospital.

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RTÉ 2fm Announces 22 fundraising screenings of Good Will Hunting in cinemas across Ireland

Good Will Hunting

Omniplex_Logo  2FM logo


Omniplex Cinemas to host fundraising events in aid of Pieta House and PIPS Charity

RTÉ 2fm, in conjunction with Omniplex Cinemas, hopes to raise much-needed funds for the Pieta House and PIPS Charity, with nationwide screenings of Robin Williams’ iconic 1997 movie Good Will Hunting.

Says Dan Healy, Head of RTÉ 2fm: “The tragic death of last week of Robin Williams has focused many people’s minds on the troubles that affect so many, but often go unnoticed until it is too late. With this breaking news there was a national organic outpouring from fans of Robin Williams, wanting to both pay homage and celebrate the legacy of this acting genius. With this in mind 2fm and Omniplex Cinemas have joined forces to help raise awareness, and much needed funds, for Pieta House and PIPS Charity, two Irish charities that help save many lives north and south of the border each year but importantly to give Robin Williams fans across the country the chance to get together and celebrate one of the finest films from this legendary actor. Continue reading

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